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DSA Approved Driving Instructor

A few tips to what your Examiner will be watching for:-

The examiner like your instructor is trained to watch the road ahead and keep an eye on all your movements at the same time. Remember there are NO tricks you can do behind the wheel which he wont spot or notice .

The examiner will give you instructions at the side of the road and on the move aand it is important you take notice as soon as they have spoken.

They are watching your actions and monitoring you to see what you do.

 You will be watched for M > S > M routine throughout the test.

Examiners will be watching your EYES > HANDS > FEET

EYES :- Once you have been given your instructions they will be watching your eyes to ensure you are checking the mirrors throughout the procedure.

Ensure you check your centre mirror before you come off the gas and start slowing down.

Chech your centre and left door mirrors to turn left or the opposite mirrors for right, then put your relative signal on at about 80-100 meters.

HANDS :- The examiner will now be checking your hand movement to ensure you put on the correct signal. Down for Left and Up for Right.

FEET:- The examiner will now watch your feet to see you using the pedals. Brake first to bring the car to the correct speed of approach, then the clutch to enable you to change gear.

HANDS:- The examiner will now watch the hands to see that you select the correct gear

FEET:- The examiner will watch the feet to make sure the clutch comes up and that you are not coasting to and round the corner.

EYES:- The examiner will now be keeeping a watch on your eyes as you approach and go round the corner to ensure you are looking for hazards and are steering the car properly.

EYES:- The examiner will look for a check in the centre mirror as you have straightened the car to the normal driving position to see if you are checking if anything has followed you . Then make progress to the appropriate speed to meet the traffic conditions.