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DSA Approved Driving Instructor

M > S > M before you move off. Check right blind spot as you move.

M > S > M as you approach the road signal IF necessary on the centre line of the road, stop on left within two car lengths.

Select Reverse Gear, then put on hand brake, cancel signal.

Set gas / biting point. Do a 360 look around the car starting with the right shoulder blind spot. If Safe to move, Be looking through the rear window over the left shoulder as you release the hand brake. Move back slowly toward the corner.

As you get to the point of turn slow down / stop and do a quick 360 look around the car BEFORE you turn the wheel and swing out the front end. STOP for any vehicles or persons as necessary as they near the car.

Slowly reverse to the left keeping within 1 metre of the kerb. At a

1/3 the way round the corner slow / stop do another observation 360 around the car. If safe reverse on back. STOP as many times as you need for other vehicles and pedestrians.

At 2/3the way round slow / stop and do another 360 around look checking right blind spot. If safe proceed on.

As you straighten off the bend keep checking Back window & Side mirror as you go back and an occasional look forward to make sure its safe. Remember you are reversing so keep majority of your observations in the back window Not the side mirror.

Stop close to the curb without touching it, about 10 metres back from the corner. Secure the car, Select neutral and wait for your next instruction.