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DSA Approved Driving Instructor

Q: Show me how you would check that the indicators are working correctly?

A: Turn on indicators / hazard warning lights, walk round car checking all indicator bulbs are working (switch ignition on, No need to start engine)

Q: Tell me how you would check that the brakes are operating correctly before driving the car?

A: Pump the brake pedal and the pressure should get stronger under your foot the more you press. If car fitted with ABS check the lights on the dash panel, if light stays on you have problems with the brakes.

Q: Where is the windscreen washer bottle reservoir ? Can you tell me how you would check the fill level?

A: Point out reservoir under the bonnet and explain how to check level.. on a weekly basis or before a long journey .

Q: Tell me how you could check that your brake lights are working on this car.

Q: Back up to a wall, look through the rear window, press the brake pedal and the brake lights should light up the wall behind you. Ask someone to assist you by checking the lights while you press the brake pedal.

Q: Can you show me / tell me how you would check the power assisted steering is working before driving the car?

A: Start the car and the steering wheel should turn easily in your hands. Check power assisted steering light on dash board if fitted. If light stops on there is a problem with steering.

Q: What are the recommended tyre pressures for this car , where can you find this information, how do you check the tyre pressures?

A: This information is contained in the cars hand book or on a chart at most petrol stations. Pressures should be checked with a tyre pressure guage.

Q: How would you check the Handbrake is working correctly?

A: Apply hand -brake, on a hill and it should stop the car from rolling. Hand-brake should be fully locked by 3 clicks on the hand-brake ratchet. In first gear it should attempt to stop you from moving off.

Q: How would you check that the engine has sufficient oil?

A: Point out the dip-stick, oil level be between the minimum/maximum markers.

Oil level should be checked when the engine is at usual running temperature never when the engine is cold as it will give a false reading

Q: Show me how to turn on the rear fog lights?

A: Turn on head lights, turn on fog lights and point to warning light on the dash board.(turn on the ignition do not start car)

Q: Tell me how you turn your side-lights to main beam and how can you can tell whilst in the car?

A: Rotate switch on indicator stick / switch to full beam and check warning light is on on the dash board on

Q: How you would check that the headlights & tail lights are working.

A: Turn on ignition, turn on lights, walk round car and check

Q: Show me how the demister controls work to clear both front and rear screens effectively?

A: Set the temperature, air direction to clearwindscreen and windows, then turn on fan.Turn on heated rear windscreen button

Q: What is the minimum tread depth on a tyre? And how do you check that their condition is safe to use on the road.

A: 1.6mm across the middle 3/4 of the tyre. look for scuffs cuts and bulges round the outside of the tyre.

Q: How do you adjust the head restraint to the correct position for maximum protection?

A: Move restraint up or down till the ears are half way up the head rest. Some car have fixed restraints which can not be moved

Q: Demonstrate to me how you use the wash/wipe to clear the windscreen?

A: Turn on ignition, pull wiper stick towards you to wash and wipe front window. Push stick away from you to wash rear windscreen

Q: How can you check your horn is working?

A: Sound horn by pressing button before moving off

Q: How can you check the ABS is working??

A: If ABS light stops on when car is started there is a problem.

Q: Open bonnet and identify brake fluid reservoir .Explain how it is checked

A: Qualified persons only, Brake pedal pressure goes soft, ABS safety light appears on dash

Q: Open bonnet, point out coolant system, how is it checked ?

A: Point to radiator, check level is between min/max, once a week or before any long journey