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DSA Approved Driving Instructor

Reverse Parallel Parking.

Check mirrors and signal on approach if necessary to vehicles on-coming or behind. Stop along side the parked vehicle 1 metre wide.(same distance as if you were overtaking him). Select reverse gear asap and put on parking brake.

Prepare car to move. Do a 360 look around the car checking blind spots. Only when safe, look into rear window and remove parking brake and reverse back slowly.

When the rear of your car is almost level with the back of the parked car, slow / stop and observe a 360 look round your car, before you attempt to turn the wheel. If safe add your left steering. If not wait till it is clear.

Create yourself about a 45 degree angle with the car and stop. Do another 360 degree look around your car (blindspots) and if safe look back into the rear window and reverse towards the kerb.

As you approach the kerb steer away from the pavement to bring the car to a Parallel position.

Do not let the rear end of the car go passed parallel.

Do not touch the pavement with any part of the car.

You must park the car within about a foot of the kerb, and within two car lengths.

Apply parking brake and select neutral to finish task.